Decision Support Systems

The decision support system solutions of Yncsoft, which are offered to companies, are used in collecting, storing, analyzing, accessing the data to make planning, to decide the strategies and to use administration’s critical decisions during the process.

We contribute the solution of complex problems through systems by enabling the data and effective use of the models. Not only the decision support systems are mostly used in semi-structured problem solving but also they are used in structured and unstructured problems. In addition, the system provides companies fast, effective and true decisions by instant analyzing with saving time and resources.

The Benefits of the System;

  • Instant analysis capability,
  • New insights and learning,
  • Advanced communication,
  • Control,
  • Reduce costs,
  • Better decisions,
  • Saving time,
  • More effective team work,
  • Better use of data sources.

The Places that the System is being used;

  • Structuralize the decision operations,
  • Repeated decisions,
  • Organizational planning and checking,
  • Support analytical work,
  • Provide data in the background,
  • Information for executives and managers,
  • Scanning the area.